School of Wok 1

Chinese-inspired Pork Dumplings

Dumplings are part of most countries’ cuisines, and I have been making my own fair share of German, Eastern European and South American versions. What I had never attempted before were Chinese dumplings: with their intricate shapes and complex flavours, they seemed way out of my league. But this all changed – thanks to this…

Hello Kitty Birthday treats

Themed Birthday Cakes and Treats

After going against tradition with my allotment-style wedding cake and the Spiderman cake I made for my daughter’s birthday, here is the proof that I can do ‘traditional’, too: Can you guess the theme of this 3rd birthday party? I promise I’ll post a ‘Hello Kitty’ picture to the first person to write the correct…

Pulled Pork in Casserole dish 1

Easy Pulled Pork, Casseroled to Perfection

It says a lot about my lack of au-fait-ness that I have completely missed the craze for pulled meat – until now, that is. Having had pulled beef as part of a Colombian dish during the world cup, I was amazed at how tender and tasty these strands of – ultimately – overcooked meat could be.…


Kaiserschmarrn: An Imperial Mess

There are so many stories around this famous Austrian dish that you forget that a Kaiserschmarrn is ultimately just a pancake. Incredibly light, not too sweet, with raisins soaked in a little bit of rum, but still a pancake. And a shredded one at that. The legends of its origins – and there are many…

Kaesekuchen nah

Cheesecake, the German way

Last week I  stumbled across Frau Dietz’ blog Eating Wiesbaden, where she describes her life as an British expat in Germany. I loved her introductions to various German delicacies, such as the cheesecake, in her list of top 4 German cakes. Having previously posted recipes for Sachertorte (Frau Dietz’ no. 3) and the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (no. 1),…

Spiderman cake

Spiderman and the cheeky girl

The brief for my daughter’s birthday cake was remarkably simple: she wanted Spiderman, a cheeky girl, and a flower. So much easier than my son’s request, a couple of years back: he had insisted on Santa having a car crash, with a train. And Piglet. Still, I’ll have to work on my cheeky girls.


Spätzle – Noodle or Dumpling? or both??

Spätzle are to the cuisine of my region what rice is to Indian food or chips to Britain: there is hardly a dish that cannot be served, enhanced or transformed with a generous helping of these delicate little noodles. It’s the first dish we made when I got together with other students from my region at…


Holidays in Germany: The Allgäu

This summer, we spent some time with family in Germany, in the Allgäu region in the south, a beautiful rural area that is perfect for family holidays. The gentle slopes are perfect for hiking or cycling, preparing you for a visit to the dramatic landscapes of the Alps. I won’t bore you with too much…